FAQs (7)

Am I totally committed to buying this car I haven’t seen?

No. If you are not happy with the car at the time of delivery, you may reject it. In practice, we supply good quality cars that meet customers’ clearly-defined requirements, so this situation should not arise.

Where do the cars come from?

A variety of sources, depending on the age and type of vehicle. Some come from leasing companies, most of which would have been fully-maintained employees’ cars. Newer models may be the manufacturers’ own management cars, demonstration or rental vehicles. Others will have been privately owned.

Do cars come with service histories?

Usually, although some large companies operate centralised service records and service books are not always kept up. We do not buy cars when we suspect servicing has been neglected.

What if you can’t find a car matching my requirements?

We would normally expect to locate a suitable vehicle within the twenty-eight day period of the Agreement – often much sooner. After that time you would be free to cancel if you wished, with you deposit refunded in full.

What does the Extended warranty cover?

Most mechanical and electrical components are covered against failure (not wear and tear). If you tick the box on the Agreement you will be sent a copy of the policy document. This does not commit you to having the warranty. You need not finally decide until the car is purchased.

Would my car be serviced before delivery?

The standard inspection would include a service if this was due, or would be due within two thousand miles.