1. This Agreement shall not come into effect until:
    (a) the Principal has paid to Surecar Consultants Limited (Surecar) the deposit specified, and
    (b) Surecar have accepted the Principal’s specified criteria.
  2. The deposit will be deducted from the price of the vehicle purchased by the Principal. It is not returnable except in the circumstances mentioned in conditions 6 and 7. Surecar shall not be liable under those conditions for interest costs or compensation.
  3. Having appointed Surecar to act on his/her behalf, the Principal will allow Surecar freedom of action to carry out the terms of this agreement.
  4. On acquiring a vehicle within the criteria given, Surecar will inform the Principal and will specify the price at which it is to be sold to the Principal, in accordance with the prices previously quoted.
  5. Subject to condition 6 the Principal shall agree to pay the balance before delivery (or on delivery by bank draft). Until payment in full the vehicle shall remain the property of Surecar. The balance will be refunded if I reject the car on delivery. A cheque given by the Principal shall not be treated as a payment until it has been cleared.
  6. If at the time of delivery the Principal shows that the vehicle is not within the criteria specified in the Agreement, he/she may forthwith cancel this Agreement and the deposit and other monies paid shall be refunded. If the vehicle is rejected for any other reason, the deposit shall be forfeited.The vehicle cannot be rejected after delivery has been completed except under the short term right to reject in the case of a major fault. In the event of any rejection after delivery has been completed the Principal is responsible for returning the vehicle at his own expense and risk. Since the vehicle is sourced and prepared according to the Principal’s specific requirements the provisions of the Consumer Contracts Regulations 27-38 (2013) do not apply to this transaction.
  7. Surecar will endeavour to acquire the vehicle and notify the Principal thereof within twenty-eight days from the acceptance of the order. After the expiry of that period, the Principal may cancel this Agreement by giving notice in writing to Surecar. Surecar will then return to the Principal the deposit paid.
  8. Surecar shall pass to the Principal the benefit of any unexpired part of the manufacturer’s standard initial warranty received by Surecar on purchase of the vehicle. Surecar shall be under no liability to the Principal for any defects occurring after delivery is completed other than those covered by this warranty or by any mechanical breakdown insurance policy which may be issued with the vehicle.